High oleic sunflower oil

High oleic sunflower oil is shipped in bulk in tanks and flexitanks.
Delivery time from Ukraine is 5-14 business days.

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    Shipping from Ukraine
    Shipping terms: 5-14 business days

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        High oleic acid oil is characterized by a high content of oleic acid (omega 9) and vitamin E (45 mg/100 g) and a lower content of linoleic acid (omega 6), as well as by a longer shelf life. Its consumption reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and improves overall body tone.
    A unique product for professional kitchens, which enables you to increase the number of frying cycles without having to change oil several times (up to 72 hours frying time). Smoke-forming temperature - 240 °С.
    Exported in bulk in tank trucks and flexitanks.
    Bulk in tankers - 22.5 tons ( 24450 liters).
    Bulk in flexitanks - 22.5 tons. ( 24450 liters)

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