Natural rapeseed oil

Natural rapeseed oil, shipped in bulk in tanks and flexitanks.
Delivery time from Ukraine is 5-14 business days.

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    Shipping from Ukraine
    Shipping terms: 5-14 business days

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        Rapeseed oil became very much in demand a few years ago, as soon as we learned how to make biofuels from it. But if we're talking about unrefined rapeseed oil, it's a valuable product for regular food, confectionery, biologically active additives, soap and technical fats.
    Rapeseed is used to produce first cold-pressed vegetable oil. This cultivated plant has been known for over five thousand years and belongs to the cabbage family. Long considered a difficult weed to cultivate, rapeseed is now a crop of great strategic value, used for food, medical and technical purposes.
    It is exported in bulk in tanker trucks and in flexible tanks.
    Bulk in tankers - 22.5 tons ( 24450 liters)
    Bulk in flexible tanks - 22.5 tons ( 24450 liters)

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