Natural soybean oil

Natural soybean oil, shipped in bulk in tanks and flexitanks.
Delivery time from Ukraine is 5-14 business days.

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    Shipping from Ukraine
    Shipping terms: 5-14 business days

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        Soybean oil is the highest quality vegetable oil used in the food industry. It is used in the manufacture of confectionery, sausages and cheeses.
    Cold-pressed, unrefined products are considered useful. They should not be fried, as they release harmful carcinogenic substances. Its inherent specific flavor and aroma add spice to cold dishes. For frying, it's best to prefer refined, which has a slightly sweet flavor and no odor.
    Exported in bulk in tankers and flexitanks.
    Bulk in tankers - 22.5 tons ( 24450 liters)
    Bulk in flexitanks - 22.5 tons ( 24450 liters)

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